Friday, 13 March 2009

Good book....

Just as an FYI, if you want something worth reading that is relevant to this, the most important time of the year, then I recommend:

It's a fictional book about St. P along with some mythical characters and it's entertaining since it hints at the fact that Patrick may not have liked the Irish that much - understandable since he was enslaved there at one stage.
One of the reviewers of the book is Diana Galbaldon who gives it a thumbs up. Galbaldon wrote the Outlander series and well.........she made a lot of women happy by doing so. If Diana thought it was a good read (as do I) then it's a good read! Now off to the library with ye!

Gaelic lesson #17 "Leabhar", pronounced "lyore", meaning "book"

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  1. If you are at all interested the history of Ireland or the life of Saint Patrick, you will love this book! The author takes the few facts that are actually known about St. Patrick and the Irish legend Finn Mac Cool and from them weaves a lyrical, engaging story.