Friday, 6 March 2009

Gratitude - got a large portion of it today

My massage therapist friend, Kelli (who, incidentally, is one of the coolest chicks on the planet) contacted me about the possibility of donating a service to a silent auction in order to raise money for a lady she knows who needs $20,000 for cancer treatment. The lady in need is only in her thirties.

Kelli suggested that she and I team up for donating an in-home couples massage, which I thought was a great idea since I have a feeling it will get more bids than the normal massage gift that I have given to silent auctions in the past. So we're going with that. Kelli also suggested that there may be a promotional aspect to the event in getting my name out there with business cards etc.

I don't regard silent auctions as a way to promote my business, although a lot of people say that it's a great way to get business exposure. My experience has been that the business benefit has come when the winning bidder becomes a regular client, which is great in itself, and then they refer their friends. What is really great about silent auctions for causes like this is the satisfaction of knowing that I'm donating time and work in order to help someone in need.

So I've got this gratitude thing going on today - I'm grateful for my health and the health of my family and friends. I'm grateful for being in a profession where I'm able to give to help someone in need and I'm grateful for a good friend who helped steer me into this state of gratitude! Cheers, bud!

Gaelic lesson #10 "Buiochas le Dia", pronounced "Bweeachhkus lay djeeah", meaning "Thank God"

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