Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Dollar Tree Madness

I like to get stuff for a buck. Yes, I admit to shopping occasionally at dollar stores. One thing I'm always on the look out for are relaxing CDs made by "Body and Soul". They have different ones with different types of relaxing music - e.g. one is called "Music for Reading", another is "Natural Sleep". I really like them since I give them to clients. I put a printed address label on the back of the CD covers with "A wee gift from..." followed by my business info. I like giving them since it's something that can help keep client's relaxed after the session and it's just nice to give them something. It's really great when I hear that people are actually listening to them and using them to unwind.

Well, it's always hit and miss when these CDs are available in the store. Most of the time I only get a few of different ones since they seem to run out of them fast, but when there's a stack of them I get a lot. So yesterday I ended up with 20 copies of the "Peaceful Moments" CD.

The girl at the register swiped all 20 of them individually and said "You REALLY like this music, don't you?"

"Yep, I really, really, really really, REALLY, really like it. Really."

Gaelic lesson #7 "Ceol alainn", pronounced "kee-ol aw-linn", meaning "beautiful music"

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