Thursday, 5 March 2009

Massage Magazine, I love you!!!!

Yes, I do. Deeply.
More so today than EVER since MY NAME IS ON page 27 of the MARCH 2009 edition! FAME!! AT LONG LAST!

Yep, went to the mailbox today, got my new magazine and saw that there WAS indeed an article on marine therapy. Turns out that the author of the article , Phyllis Hanlon, had contacted me a while back about seaweed wraps and mud wraps, so I'd told her about how us Irish are all over the seaweed thang and have been for centuries. We even eat the stuff sometimes, especially if there's a potato famine going on and such (not that I was actually around in the 1840's).

So now I'm laughing my butt off at the fact that my name is in one of my favorite mags EVER!!!!! Seriously. I have kept every edition of this mag since 2003, it's that cool a magazine - and I am NOT one to horde magazines. I just keep this one and 1 other magazine that is specific to the massage therapy profession since they have such useful articles in them. I even get a wee bit Gollum-y over my collection, petting the magazines and saying " precious......" over and over.

Phyllis, you rock! And Massage Mag, I love you!

Gaelic lesson #9: "Ta gra agam duit", prounounced "tah grah ugum ditch", meaning "I love you"

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