Saturday, 27 June 2009

Who says?

"Who says 'that time of the month has to be every month'? Who says? Who says?"


The T.V. ad for that new pill is really annoying me. Most ads for prescription drugs annoy me to some degree, but this one is really irking my mellow calmness.

Next thing you know we'll be seeing:

"Who says we need to have a bowel movement every day? Who says?"

Maybe that's actually part of the problem - maybe the pill makers are using another pill that makes them "full of it" - ye know?

Gaelic lesson #60"socair", pronounced "sucker", meaning "calm" (yep, irony is lovely)

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Why do people think that they can get in to get a massage on the same day they call, especially if they call in the afternoon expecting to get in during the busiest part of the day (5 p.m. or after)?

I could understand it if they'd call a place that has multiple therapists. I could also understand it if they have called before and have got in, but when they have called a lone therapist MULTIPLE times in the past and have not got in MULTIPLE times in the past (because, lo and behold, most people actually book ahead of time which is why I get booked up in the evenings), would you not think that they would learn to book in advance? Why?

Gaelic lesson #59 "abair liom cad chuige", pronounced "aber yum kad hooigah", meaning "tell me why"

Saturday, 20 June 2009

I heart Constant Contact

I do.

I was late getting myself organized for Father's Day this year as far as advertising specials. BUT I got a little constant contact email sent out on Tuesday which took about 20 minutes to put together and got $420 worth of gift certificate sales just from it alone. I love the way they have it formatted to where you just have to tweak a few things, upload a couple of images and add a bit of text, some paypal buttons and there you have it - people can buy the GCs online without me ever having to meet them. I either email them the certificate or pop a card to the recipient in the mail.

I love the Internet. If the Internet was to be re-manifested as a human, I'd buy him/her a pint of Guinness (or several hundred).

Gaelic lesson #58 "pointa", pronounced "point-cha", meaning "pint"

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Practice what they preach?

Saw this bumper sticker today:

"Doctors should teach nutrition
Not pharmaceutical addiction"

Thing is, the car that had it was at the drive through window at Braums - not a whole lot of good nutritious stuff on their drive through menu.

Just seemed weird.....

Gaelic lesson #57 "uachtar oighir", pronounced "oochter eeher", meaning "ice cream"

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Simple things.

I went out driving at lunchtime today and I saw this little Chinese man on a bicycle. He was probably in his 70's and he looked really fit. He looked as happy as a clam too - big smile from ear to ear as he was pedaling away. I wondered if he'd just received some good news or if he was always that happy.
I'd just seen him when I came up to a red light. I looked out the window and there's this young fella on a really flash, expensive motorbike. He was obviously annoyed that he was at a red light and was sitting on his flash bike cursing and going on. Fancy bike, fancy clothes, but obviously in a foul mood.

So I sat there and wondered who I'd rather hang out with. That one was a no-brainer - even if the wee Chinese dude and I couldn't communicate, I'd rather be in his company, plus the fact that Mr Flash-bike didn't have on a helmet indicated that he had little brains to protect.

Then I wondered if I had to swap places with one of them in body and life, who would I choose to be? That one is a bit harder!

Gaelic lesson #56 "sonas', pronounced "soan-is", meaning "happiness"

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A sign that Aromatherapy is becoming more popular...

I just worked on a client who had just purchased a lot of oils and she was excited about using them in her home and as a natural alternative for many uses, including as an insect repellent for her kid. So we talked about the best carrier oils and uses of some of the oils. I was impressed that she was getting into it so much and not just viewing it as something that her MT uses in her massage session. She said she's become inspired by watching "Everybody Nose" on Veria T.V. I have to admit that I've never watched it, but apparently an aromatherapist talks about different recipes for different uses on it.

There are 2 Veria Wellness centers here in the DFW area. I know they're a big operation and if I'm not mistaken I think that Veria actually owns Massage Envy.
I'm amazed a the fact that they have their own channel on FIOS. (I think it's channel 162 in this area).

I'm going to check out the show. I think it's great that it's educating the viewer on the use of aromatherapy for everyday use. Maybe some day everyone will be using oils for most uses in the home rather than chemically loaded alternatives.

Well, we can dream!

Gaelic lesson #55 "ola", pronounced the way it looks!, meaning "oil"

Friday, 5 June 2009

A Texas Massage Therapist's Garden in June.....

I know I shouldn't brag, but here's the deal. I think a couple of my neighbors have hydrangea envy.

Roses are my favorite. The rose at the top was put in a long stem vase in the massage room and I've noticed that when most people come into the room, they will "take time out to smell the roses" and "BOOM" - they're instantly in a better mood.

So I reckon we should all be tweaked a wee bit and have rosebushes growing out of our armpits. How handy would that be?

Someone cuts you off in traffic? Have a wee sniff of the armpit and you'll instantly feel better.
Come across some crappy customer service? Raise your arm and have a whiff of loveliness.
Some sporting events would become a veritable flower show. Volleyball games would be rose gardens on a court.

I tell you one thing though - after the day I've had today the one thing my pits DON'T smell like at the minute are roses. I'm off to have a shower.

Gaelic lesson #54 "blath", pronounced "bla", meaning "flower"

Thursday, 4 June 2009


...are nice.

Especially my clients.
Clients that I've been working on for a long time will sometimes bring me wee presents or lend me books to read, which really brightens my day. Today a client brought me a wee shamrock in a pot - which is great since I used to have a shamrock plant that died last year. This was the first time I'd met this lady, so it really surprised me.

Yes. People are nice. Generally.

Gaelic lesson #53 "deas', pronounced "jas", meaning "nice"

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I can't believe I got "irked" again......


Seriously, the same people that called me on my home phone the other day CALLED ME AGAIN. ON MY HOME PHONE. The conversation went something like this.....

"I'm calling from blh-blh-blah to verify a listing on some-online-thing and I need your information"
"Yes, here's a question. Why are you calling me on my home phone when I told you the telephone number for my business the other day?"
"Yes, but before we update our information, we need verification"
"What more verification do you need? I told you the business phone number, all you need to do is update your wrong phone number. Plus if you really wanted to verify it, you would call the business number I gave you to verify that it's right".
"But we need to go through a process"
"OK, OK OK..go ahead and waste 5 minutes of both our lives by asking me some questions"

so...5 minutes later after I've told her my business phone number 3 or 4 times (remembering that I've a funny accent, she has a funny accent and the number "5" cannot be understood by either party) and answered some other questions which I had already answered the other day.

"What type of phone connection do you have"
"Why do you need to know that?"
"pshe msiije sjiioe ythio" (she'd a really funny accent)
"I'm sorry?
"Do you have any other phone numbers for the business?"
"No other phones?" (said in an incredulous tone)
"Nope. I've a cell phone for the business, which is actually the phone that I should be talking to on since we're talking about business related business"
"OK, thank you" and she hung up

That was it? After 5 minutes of trying to get the numbers right for the actual phone she should be calling, she hangs up after finding out I've only got a cell phone for the business and no others?

I'm just a weeeeeee tiny fish!

I can't believe how easily I become irked by this though since I could feel myself turn into a narky beeotch. I need to watch that. I don't like it. So now I'm imagining some telemarketer somewhere putting pins in a doll with my name on it since I was so narky! My leg will just fall off any minute when she pulls the leg off the thing.

As a result of this whole screw up, I googled my business name. I got a lot of references, most of which are right BUT sure enough, some online directory which I didn't add my business to personally has the wrong phone number. Oh joy of joys!

Gaelic lesson #52 "Bhi drochaoibh orm", pronounced "Vee drok-eev orum", meaning "I was in a bad mood"

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Something in the water..?

Seems that everyone and their dog is looking for a massage this week. What's the deal?

I just finished a 2 hour session that included a half hour reflexology, 1 hour massage and then a half hour face toning massage.

The face toning massage is interesting. It involves following a protocol of about 25 strokes, repeated a certain number of times for each stroke and each "set" is done about 3 times. Normally I don't like anything where I'm just following a pattern and I've to "switch off" my hands as far as being in search (and destroy) mode, but I do something to keep my mind active for remembering the strokes, which is interesting. When my bud Kelli and I were doing the course in Face Toning we made up a little story to remember the strokes. It's a mad story involving Harry Potter playing Pacman and Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas' love life (part of it is a bit crude - needless to say). BUT the wee crazy story sticks. I remember the pattern and sequence of strokes. It works.

Anyway.....if the first sentence of this post is actually true, I should go look at doing a course in doggy massage.

Next client will be here in 2 minutes.
Gaelic lesson #51: "Ta me gnothach", pronoucned "ta may no-hoch", meaning "I am busy"