Saturday, 6 June 2009

A sign that Aromatherapy is becoming more popular...

I just worked on a client who had just purchased a lot of oils and she was excited about using them in her home and as a natural alternative for many uses, including as an insect repellent for her kid. So we talked about the best carrier oils and uses of some of the oils. I was impressed that she was getting into it so much and not just viewing it as something that her MT uses in her massage session. She said she's become inspired by watching "Everybody Nose" on Veria T.V. I have to admit that I've never watched it, but apparently an aromatherapist talks about different recipes for different uses on it.

There are 2 Veria Wellness centers here in the DFW area. I know they're a big operation and if I'm not mistaken I think that Veria actually owns Massage Envy.
I'm amazed a the fact that they have their own channel on FIOS. (I think it's channel 162 in this area).

I'm going to check out the show. I think it's great that it's educating the viewer on the use of aromatherapy for everyday use. Maybe some day everyone will be using oils for most uses in the home rather than chemically loaded alternatives.

Well, we can dream!

Gaelic lesson #55 "ola", pronounced the way it looks!, meaning "oil"


  1. Ok, I want to start off by saying, here in OKC, Massage Envy sucks balls.

    Second, I love love love sandalwood. It's so good for anxiety!

  2. Leslie - say what you think, girl! You made me laugh.
    I've been watching Veria - it's actually a pretty watchable channel. Mmmmm Sandalwood is lovely.

  3. Well they do! lol I haven't spoken to one person that said that got a great massage from there.

  4. I'm very glad that aromatherapy is popular now, because it's much easier to get oils and aromas.