Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Something in the water..?

Seems that everyone and their dog is looking for a massage this week. What's the deal?

I just finished a 2 hour session that included a half hour reflexology, 1 hour massage and then a half hour face toning massage.

The face toning massage is interesting. It involves following a protocol of about 25 strokes, repeated a certain number of times for each stroke and each "set" is done about 3 times. Normally I don't like anything where I'm just following a pattern and I've to "switch off" my hands as far as being in search (and destroy) mode, but I do something to keep my mind active for remembering the strokes, which is interesting. When my bud Kelli and I were doing the course in Face Toning we made up a little story to remember the strokes. It's a mad story involving Harry Potter playing Pacman and Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas' love life (part of it is a bit crude - needless to say). BUT the wee crazy story sticks. I remember the pattern and sequence of strokes. It works.

Anyway.....if the first sentence of this post is actually true, I should go look at doing a course in doggy massage.

Next client will be here in 2 minutes.
Gaelic lesson #51: "Ta me gnothach", pronoucned "ta may no-hoch", meaning "I am busy"


  1. Where did you learn a face toning massage? Never heard of that one.

  2. I took a 2 day course in it a while back - kellylott.com is the teacher. It's all upward massage strokes on the face - nice wee add on and pretty relaxing. The lady today fell asleep during it.

  3. Very cool! I learned some facial massage techniques from a prenatal massage class, of all things. They work perfectly well on those who are not, nor can ever become, pregnant. :)

    It's really good to know that some therapists out there are busy.

  4. It's fluctuating a lot these days. Some weeks it's crazy. Some weeks it's slow.

  5. Maybe it's just Oklahoma but my paychecks haven't changed a bit. I'm actually quite surprised.. or maybe I'm just that good... =)