Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Simple things.

I went out driving at lunchtime today and I saw this little Chinese man on a bicycle. He was probably in his 70's and he looked really fit. He looked as happy as a clam too - big smile from ear to ear as he was pedaling away. I wondered if he'd just received some good news or if he was always that happy.
I'd just seen him when I came up to a red light. I looked out the window and there's this young fella on a really flash, expensive motorbike. He was obviously annoyed that he was at a red light and was sitting on his flash bike cursing and going on. Fancy bike, fancy clothes, but obviously in a foul mood.

So I sat there and wondered who I'd rather hang out with. That one was a no-brainer - even if the wee Chinese dude and I couldn't communicate, I'd rather be in his company, plus the fact that Mr Flash-bike didn't have on a helmet indicated that he had little brains to protect.

Then I wondered if I had to swap places with one of them in body and life, who would I choose to be? That one is a bit harder!

Gaelic lesson #56 "sonas', pronounced "soan-is", meaning "happiness"


  1. This one made me laugh. I love old chinese people. I just love old people. =)

  2. I like people that march to the beat of their own drum, no matter what age and I like being around happy people.
    What's that quotation? "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." I think Lincoln was right.

  3. 'soan-is' can be found in everything)))) But it all depends on your mood. We are who fill our lives with emotions.