Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I can't believe I got "irked" again......


Seriously, the same people that called me on my home phone the other day CALLED ME AGAIN. ON MY HOME PHONE. The conversation went something like this.....

"I'm calling from blh-blh-blah to verify a listing on some-online-thing and I need your information"
"Yes, here's a question. Why are you calling me on my home phone when I told you the telephone number for my business the other day?"
"Yes, but before we update our information, we need verification"
"What more verification do you need? I told you the business phone number, all you need to do is update your wrong phone number. Plus if you really wanted to verify it, you would call the business number I gave you to verify that it's right".
"But we need to go through a process"
"OK, OK OK..go ahead and waste 5 minutes of both our lives by asking me some questions"

so...5 minutes later after I've told her my business phone number 3 or 4 times (remembering that I've a funny accent, she has a funny accent and the number "5" cannot be understood by either party) and answered some other questions which I had already answered the other day.

"What type of phone connection do you have"
"Why do you need to know that?"
"pshe msiije sjiioe ythio" (she'd a really funny accent)
"I'm sorry?
"Do you have any other phone numbers for the business?"
"No other phones?" (said in an incredulous tone)
"Nope. I've a cell phone for the business, which is actually the phone that I should be talking to on since we're talking about business related business"
"OK, thank you" and she hung up

That was it? After 5 minutes of trying to get the numbers right for the actual phone she should be calling, she hangs up after finding out I've only got a cell phone for the business and no others?

I'm just a weeeeeee tiny fish!

I can't believe how easily I become irked by this though since I could feel myself turn into a narky beeotch. I need to watch that. I don't like it. So now I'm imagining some telemarketer somewhere putting pins in a doll with my name on it since I was so narky! My leg will just fall off any minute when she pulls the leg off the thing.

As a result of this whole screw up, I googled my business name. I got a lot of references, most of which are right BUT sure enough, some online directory which I didn't add my business to personally has the wrong phone number. Oh joy of joys!

Gaelic lesson #52 "Bhi drochaoibh orm", pronounced "Vee drok-eev orum", meaning "I was in a bad mood"


  1. It's so amazing how these people can get your number and your info! They call you and you tell them to quit calling they just do what they want anyway. My fiance' has the University of Phoenix calling him 3 and 4 times a day when he never gave his number out for this school. He never even inquired about this school.

    It's so annoying!