Thursday, 25 June 2009


Why do people think that they can get in to get a massage on the same day they call, especially if they call in the afternoon expecting to get in during the busiest part of the day (5 p.m. or after)?

I could understand it if they'd call a place that has multiple therapists. I could also understand it if they have called before and have got in, but when they have called a lone therapist MULTIPLE times in the past and have not got in MULTIPLE times in the past (because, lo and behold, most people actually book ahead of time which is why I get booked up in the evenings), would you not think that they would learn to book in advance? Why?

Gaelic lesson #59 "abair liom cad chuige", pronounced "aber yum kad hooigah", meaning "tell me why"


  1. Silly! Don't you know the world revolves around THEM?

  2. AHA! So that's it. Probably better that I never work on those sorts then!

  3. Why? Because people think about their own problems first. They forget about that other people also have their personal lives.