Saturday, 27 June 2009

Who says?

"Who says 'that time of the month has to be every month'? Who says? Who says?"


The T.V. ad for that new pill is really annoying me. Most ads for prescription drugs annoy me to some degree, but this one is really irking my mellow calmness.

Next thing you know we'll be seeing:

"Who says we need to have a bowel movement every day? Who says?"

Maybe that's actually part of the problem - maybe the pill makers are using another pill that makes them "full of it" - ye know?

Gaelic lesson #60"socair", pronounced "sucker", meaning "calm" (yep, irony is lovely)


  1. I know. Isn't it the idea that is you DON'T have a period you're pregnant? How else are you going to know? When you've practicly killed the kid?

  2. I could do without my period. It's a pain in my tushie. BUT, I tried one of those medications about a year and a half ago, and instead of having NO periods, I ended up bleeding every day. Stopped taking the pills ASAP, after that.

  3. I think that when we start screwing with Mother Nature to such a degree, she'll slap us back in the face some way. I was on the regular pill for years because of bad cramps - ended up with cervical cancer (non-invasive, thank God). There was no sign of HPV, and although there was no proof that the regular pill contributed to my problem, I get annoyed when I see these new high powered ones advertised. I think the time/money/energy should be put into curing a disease instead. THAT'S MY RANT FOR THE MONTH (can you tell I'm PMS'ing?) Har-de har!