Thursday, 3 December 2009

And ye keep on learning!

I'm getting philosophical here - sometimes things happen to direct you from "taking sides" in a situation where sides should not be formed.

Lately my inner she-geek was drawn to what I thought would be a bunch of gorgeous learning about stuff that's right up my alley - like boolean operators and maybe some sleek algorithms. I like boolean operators. They're logical, true and good.

Instead I found myself falling into an online blunder (created by my own stupidity) which forced me to bail a website, but I also started to come to the conclusion that a massive split is forming between the energy workers in our profession and the science based workers. The blunder forced me away, but I'm sort of half glad of it. I don't want to be a part of something that promotes "crapping on the other side", which was what I was witnessing in part. Progress really should be positive and a lot of what I saw wasn't positive. "Let's call the other side names" was what I witnessed the most. Not exactly productive or educational. Oh well.

I've a question - why does life have to have so many freakin' "sides" and we're always expected it pick a "side"? "Sides" suck.

I got kicked off on a learning mode which I'll probably continue on my own though since my interest was peaked.

Note to self - be careful what you sign yourself up for - it mightn't be what you think.

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