Saturday, 19 December 2009

Six Word Saturday AGAIN!


I've been busy.
I mean - REALLY busy.
For example, yesterday I had a chair gig all day. The day before that I had a 8 am start of a chair gig at an office until lunchtime and then table work all day- didn't get home til 8:30.
Wednesday was table work all day.
Tuesday was another chair gig and table massage.
It's been crazy.

I need to be better at promoting myself at the chair gigs though. On the Tuesday gig I was with 2 other therapists - both seemed really nice and the 3 of us had actually done the same venue last year. It was a mothers group get together at a local church - there were having raffles, food, pampering things with someone doing hand treatments etc. Anyway, one of the other therapists was WELL organized. She had cool promotional stuff, wee presents in bags and 10% off coupons in them etc. Now NORMALLY if I wasn't so busy I would have thought of this and got my act together and I was sort of kicking myself when I saw it.

So I'm thinking that when times are slow I should just put little packages together like that for the chair gigs and just have them ready for the next time.

Preparation is a good thing.

Where does the time go? I thought I'd only started playing Six Word Saturday yesterday!


  1. Grrrr, I wrote this big post here and then got click happy and deleted it.
    Here's to new marketing plans for 2010. I bet you will have some awesome tricks up your sleeve as a way to get your name out there. :)

    Oh and I think my RSS feed link has changed. I noticed it wasnt updating in your blog roll. Here's the new link:

  2. It seems like you just started yesterday to me because I visited everyone so late this week...

    I try hard to prepare for the busy times during my down times. Sometimes I do better than others. It's great that you're keeping so busy though.

    Thanks for playing!