Saturday, 27 February 2010


So it's coming close to the time when the period ends for the massage therapy profession to give comments on the second draft of the MTBOK.

For those that don't know about this document, here's how I view it - it's like a evolving blueprint for the direction in which our profession is going - it will have a huge influence on our legislation and our education. I think the fact that a bunch of folks have put together such a document is wonderful. It's unifying. It gives clarity to our profession. It's also a really interesting read. Here's the thing - they really, really want therapists and educators to give feedback. The fact that they are looking for feedback and want this to have a democratic element to it's development is fantastic in my view.

Giving feedback is very straightforward. After reading the document you just go to an online form and give feedback on a per line number format. When I entered my comments it took about a half hour. Some of the areas I thought needed clarification and then there were some that I thought should be removed or added to. I'd read the document and highlighted the areas with a yellow highlighter pen. Do you know I committed sacrilege by doing so? Yep, you see all Irish people should use green highlighter pens - but that just goes to show how important this document is. It's worth committing sacrilege for it.

So if you're sitting watching the Olympics and you're twiddling your thumbs during the commercial breaks, please put the time to good use and give the document a wee read and give feedback. By the way, there'll be a nice by product by doing so - by commenting you're giving back to the profession and you'll feel good about doing it!


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