Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's an Irish female thing...or maybe just a female thing

Yes, I'm a wee bit worried.

It turns out that they're going to be doing some construction where I work.

I'm not exactly overjoyed at this since there's not only the noise issue while that is going on, but there is the added worry of how it's going to turn out.

See, the way the place is set up now is that I'm in an area that was designed for massage therapists and aesthetitians, but they can't fill the rooms in our area (there's only 1 other therapist there and 2 aesthetitans). The main area of the building has nail techs and hairstylists. These are all individual rooms with individual businesses. So, they're doing to put up walls, knock down walls and basically incorporate half of our area into the main area, which is noisey and has hair-chemical smells etc. So the wall is going right next to my room which means that a hairstylist or nail tech will be in the next room to me AND I LIKE THINGS TO BE REALLY QUIET and NON-SMELLY.

So I'm not overjoyed at this.

The other thing that is happening is that they're tearing out the shower room. I haven't done one body treatment since I moved there (which is weird since I used to do about one a month when I worked out of my home), so I don't mind taking them off my list of services, but there's still that feeling that I'm NOT IN CONTROL.
Because I'M A CONTROL FREAK!!!!!!!!

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