Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Back pain

I got angry at something yesterday (something stupid when I look back at it) but it made me instantly angry to the degree that it made my hands shake. That's pretty angry for me. Things don't normally get to me to such a degree, but it just popped out of the blue.

Right after the hands started to shake I got a wave of intense low back pain. Scary low back pain.

I have a herniated disk at L5 that gives me problems with flare ups every now and then. So most of the time I get bad LBP it's from that and I've "done" something to fire it up physically.

But yesterday? That was ALL emotion.
It went away after a few minutes, but it made me wonder about how much pain I deal with in my job that is rooted in emotion. And anger mostly.

Then I wondered about what it would be like to have a switch to turn off "negative" emotions. Then I wondered about "negative" emotions and aren't they useful too when it comes to finding out things.

Yesterday I discovered that my own back pain is related to anger.
It funny the discoveries that we make about ourselves, isn't it?


  1. Wow, that's strange and a little frightening, Roismhaire. I can't recall an occasion where I could make a direct link between my emotions and pain, except maybe having a headache after crying for a long time, but that's probably physical/biological, anyway. Something to think about, definitely.

  2. I was reminded of the anger/pain connection a couple weeks ago with a client who has come to hate his work place. I did a pub-med search and found studies that connect anger and pain.

  3. Oh the pain/anger connection is definitely interesting, for sure.

  4. Many says that every pain we feel connected to our hands/ palm, may be it's true maybe that's the reason why most therapist touching your hands and ask you if you feel pain on that place.-massage therapy Tacoma-