Thursday, 18 February 2010

Case Study Info

So a couple of posts ago I told you about how I got a $50 amazon gift cert for giving an interview.

I ordered some books tonight and included one on how to do a case study.
Yep, I've been drawn to the whole research side of massage lately, and I'm thinking I'm going to enter a case report in this years competition with the Massage Therapy Foundation.

I'm not doing it to win since I probably won't (I think that those involved more in pure medical massage have way more of a chance), but I think the process of doing one will be interesting and I also think it might be a tool to help with my practice - maybe have me re-evaluate some things? Maybe? We'll see.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. This is awesome, let me know how you do.
    I am really interested in getting involved in Massage therapy research once I get settled back in at home.
    I just have to work out what particular topics I want to look at.
    I have a whole list of things that (have probably already been done) would be really neat to review.

  2. Wee Sally - I'll keep you posted. You know about the site I set for research, right?
    I'm going to be doing more on there over the next couple of months, which will include info on case studies too.
    There's not much on there are the moment, but there will be.

  3. Great job! This one is an instant classic! I am really interested this site. well done!


  4. Its a great thing to do, so you were familiar with massage things before you have done the case study? The site is really a cool one.