Saturday, 27 February 2010

Funny how things change

OK, so you know how they're going to be putting up walls in the place I'm in (which I blogged about a few posts ago)? So this means that there will only be me and 1 other LMT in our place, and only 4 of us sharing our little area.

Well, the other MT approached me today and asked if I did chair massage and if I ever did gigs that needed 2 therapists, she'd be interested. She also suggested that we market couples massage (although I did say that the wording would have to be different since the couples would be in 2 different rooms) so I said "Yeah, sure". So my theory is that since we're both comfy with each other and there is no worry of another therapist moving in on our territory, that we help each other out.
Know what?
See, she's got her business and I've got mine. Both of us are chugging along there with our client base built and I know she doesn't have that "Eeek...there's my competition - I don't want her around" attitude because I don't sense it. And I know she doesn't get it from me either.
She's cool.
So I'm going into coopetition mode with the therapist in the next room.
So now I'm putting my thinking cap on to see how to promote us...........


  1. This is fantastic news. I always love hearing coopetition stories, I think if more people could build relationships like this, instead of being cut throat and "zomg client stealing time" it would make a healthier community.
    I hope it works out well for you both :)

  2. Yeah, I think it's a good thing. I have to have a thinky about how to promote the joint work though. But yes, the mutual respect thing is good and the non-threatened attitude. It's sort of like we're both giving the thumbs up to each other, you know? It's cool.