Friday, 26 February 2010

The importance of giving to the MTF

I didn't give to this organization last year and I should have.

If you don't know about the MTF, then please visit their site and have a look around.

They're a huge player in massage therapy research, providing grants for MT research and they also publish an open access journal. They also do programs that provide massage for those in need.

I reckon there's a big reason they've a wee star in their logo - they're like the shining star of the massage world and one organization that we can all get behind.

So I'm coming up with ideas on how I can give. One involves selling some old CDs, which I'll blog about when I do it. The other is just having a wee box in my room in which I'll throw some money in that I know I won't miss and then I'll give it to the MTF every quarter or so.

Anyway, I'm embarrassed at the fact that I didn't give them money last year - it's not happening in 2010.

Oh, and I'm heading to their research conference in May in Seattle. Hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit about it when I'm there (although I might be too busy trying to cram stuff into my head - they've got a great line up planned ), but even if I don't have internet access, I'll be sure to ramble on about it when I get back - all being well.


  1. I have read a lot about this on other articles written by other people, but I must admit that you is the best.


  2. Good post about the Massage Therapy Foundation. I think many would probably agree that they do important work for the industry.

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