Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Oh well......

The massage therapist next door to me is on maternity leave at the minute. She was nice enough to give my name to some of her clients before she left and I worked on one of them today. I didn't get the impression she liked the massage.
What is it with me that I've got to hear "That was great!!!" after a massage? Is it an ego thing? I mean, she didn't say it sucked - she just didn't say much. Maybe I was just conscious of the fact that this was another therapist's client, that I am only a fill in and that she has been with the other therapist for years. So maybe all those facts came into play and affected the massage itself.
Or maybe I'm over analyzing things ......or I'm just paranoid....or completely nuts.


  1. Nope, you're perfectly normal! I feel exactly the same way, almost like I have performance anxiety when I massage someone who has a regular therapist they go to. And everyone likes praise!

  2. Yup, what Christina said. The bottom line is they feel loyal to the other MT. Have you been in the opposite situation where they want to leave the MT, who was kind enough to send them in the first place, and start coming to you? That's a worse predictament.

  3. OK, long as it's not just me!
    Robin - I haven't come across the situation you described - and yes, it would be worse!