Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Benefitting from someone else's mistake...again

OK, so remember the story about flakey MT that used to be across the hall and her client that she never called and the fact that I benefited from her flakiness?

Well, I came across a similar situation today. A pregnant client had bought one of those membership deals at a local massage place and she hundreds of dollars worth of credit in her account. She can't get in to use them because they only have 1 therapist that does prenatal massage in the place and she only works 2 days a week, doing 4 appointments a day. Apparently this client has been trying since MAY to get in to get a massage. She was given the run around so much that she just googled prenatal massage last night, emailed me and I got her in this morning since I had another client that had to reschedule.
So I got a new client from their mismanagement. But then they still have her money that they have drawn out every month.
It's not a good thing when I hear of people being frustrated like that, but then if things had gone smooth, I wouldn't be working on her now!

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  1. Oh, I so hate those franchise places. My colleague Phyllis was misguided enough to purchase a membership...now she has ten or so massages to use up within the next month or so, or she'll lose them. BUT, the massages she has had are so bad, she doesn't want to go back: The last two times she went, the therapists STAYED SEATED ON STOOLS while doing the massage. They basically rolled around the table. Can you imagine?