Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I've been in the States 15 years....

....and I'd never seen a $2 bill 'til last week.
Someone gave me it in their tip.
I never knew such a thing existed!

I learn a new thing every day.


  1. It does look like funny money, doesn't it?
    I hope that wasn't your TOTAL tip...

  2. Keep it for luck. They make great gifts for little kids. My son still carries his first $2 bill in his wallet that I gave him when he was little. It's fun.

  3. Christina - it was part of a $5 tip - not much, but better than nothing.

    Robin - I'm keeping it on my wall! It's on my white board - kept there with a magnet (ex-she geeks love white boards)

  4. My DH just showed me my first one a few days ago as wel. It's been 8 years here for me, so you are not the only one ;)

  5. Wee Sally - how weird is that? Talk about coincidences. Maybe there has been a massive printing of them lately with some sort of strange magnets built in them towards foreign MTs!