Saturday, 16 May 2009

Playing with mud and fighting a fomentek

I did a mud wrap today. I don't do many wraps, but they're interesting since I think I kind of like wrapping people up like turkeys - think it appeals to my control-freaky side. Anyway, I tried something different today. I really don't want the client to get cold, since I have had a wrap before when I've been cold and I've decided I'd rather be frying my own spleen than have a cold wrap (well maybe not, but you get the point). So cold wrapped-up clients are unacceptable in this neck of the woods.

NORMALLY I use heated rice bags that I normally use as back warmers in massage. I put them in with the client when I'm wrapping them up to keep them nice and toasty. But today I decided to try out my fomentek bag. The directions say that I've to fill it up only a third of the way full with hot water.

This bag is massive. At least, it FELT like it was massive. When I brought it into the room I sat it on my wee useful table that I use for lots of things (that's why it's called my "wee useful table"). So water being water-like, the bag took on a new life of it's own and slowly rolled off the table. So I put it on the dresser and the bag sort of became like something out of Dr. Who and decided to go and have a walk around it too. It made all these scary noises while doing this, so the client had to check out what sort of Alien had come into the room - head up, looking around, worried vibes.

Anyway, I got it under control in the end and it worked well at keeping the client warm. She cooked up lovely. All I needed was to throw a few spuds and carrots around her and it would have been a cannibal's Christmas. The client was happy with the experience and when they're happy, I'm happy. Playing with mud is fun!

Gaelic lesson #45 "uisce", pronounced "ishke", meaning "water"


  1. what kind of blanket are you using? I've always used the mylar blankets and if you wrap them the right way they should stay pretty warm.

  2. Hey Leslie, I use the heavy duty solar blanket that they have on massage warehouse's website (Mylar blankets are good too - used them before). They're cocooned in it pretty well - clip it together with big strong clamp clips. I think I'm extra paranoid about the heat thing (I really like to cook them) just because I've had 2 wraps done on me and I've been cold in one and I didn't heat up that much on the other. Me no-like-ee cold.

  3. I love the Fomentek bags! If you place a large one, about 1/2 to 2/3 full of water, under the sheet (client face up w/ their back on the bag), it is an interesting way to work on the upper back. You put your hand inside the bag to reach their back. You have just made me want to get out the Fomentek bags I have - I actually have not used them in a long while. - Kelli

  4. Great suggestion! Actually, I was thinking I should use mine more since it held the heat pretty well. I'll play with mine some more. I like saying "Fomentek" lots. It's just a great word!

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