Monday, 11 May 2009


Remember that number.

They talk about that year on the History channel a lot, so it should be an easy one to remember.

I had a home visit yesterday where I forgot my iPod and my little speaker thing that I bring along. The room I was working in had a T.V. and the clients had Verizon FIOS. It turns out that channel 1945 in this area has meditation music running on it constantly, so I put it on and it worked like a charm. I heard a lot of Steven Halpern, some Enya and even a track off one of the Reiki CDs that I have. So 1945 is now ingrained on my brain in case I forget my iPod again. Although this information probably only applies to a small geographical area, it might help someone!

Oh, if the client doesn't have Verizon, and they have a computer in the room with a pretty decent speaker, could be used. It's internet radio where you pick one artist and then it plays similar artists/tracks continually. One thing to look out for is whether someone else in the house is doing lots of work on the Internet though since it tends to suck up a lot of bandwidth. I also like to run it on my computer while I'm doing my accounts since sometimes I learn about new artists.

I've been on home visits before where my iPod battery has run out and it's just weird to work with no music in the background in my opinion. But then I'm a bit weird.........

Gaelic lesson #43 "radio", pronounced "raa-dio". I don't think I need to say what it means!


  1. I don't do many outcalls (almost none, actually), but when I do, I play a lot of music that's meant for bath-time (or so the cds said), I put all three cds on my iPod, and I have a separate "spa" playlist. I usually ask the client what music he/she wants to listen to, then we go with that. I've done a massage while the video of the client's dad's funeral played in the background. Don't ask...

  2. A funeral video. Deary me, that's a bit depressing. I've massaged to Santana, Tom Jones, Pink Floyd (don't ever play Dark side of the moon - the clocks in the middle of it make them jump off the table), Solomon Burke, U2 and Coldplay by request, plus some others. I like it when people have thought about what they want to listen to, plus it's interesting to see what different people find relaxing.