Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Massage Therapist's Right Thumb watching hockey

Injury prevention is always at the top of Artie's mind, even when relaxing. The reason is obvious: injured thumb = not able to work = no income = starve to death on the street.

So Artie is extra careful, even if it just looks like that puck is going to come flying out of the T.V. screen, it's good to have a thumb-sized helmet.

Gaelic lesson #44 "haca", pronounced "hawk-a" meaning "hockey"


  1. I'm paranoid about my thumbs, too. When I'm at the gym, doing strength training on the machines, I never use my thumbs to grip the bars. Ditto when driving. I know, I'm weird.

  2. Our wee thumb chums are our bread 'n' butter! I don't think you're weird, Christina - I try to do NOTHING with mine. Won't even clean out cupboards for fear of getting bit on the thumb by a brown recluse (great excuse for being lazy slob!).