Friday, 8 May 2009

It's time to forget about your "Tribbles" and head to the movie theater.....

......because the best movie of the summer opened today.

At least I "think" it will be the best. Having just watched it, it will be hard to beat. But then the new Terminator movie comes out at the end of the month. May is a good month for movies - at least it is for this she-geek!
With the amount of stress that the crew of the Enterprise went through, you'd think they'd have a massage therapist on board.

I'm off to massage my wee Star Trek buddy

Gaelic lesson #42: "Beatha fada agus rath duit", pronounced "vayha fadda ug-us ra ditch", meaning "Long live and prosper" (sort of)


  1. This movie was totally fantastic! I still have to see Wolverine, T-4, and Transformers this summer...then I'll make my definitive decision as to which was the best summer movie!

  2. Mmmmmmmm......Hugh Jackman.....Mmmmm....Hugh Jackman.......Mmmmmm....Hugh Jackman. He's a mantra all himself. Might have to check out Wolverine too. ST did rock, I've been wearing my Uhura dress non-stop since seeing it. (joking....although I do secretly want one)

  3. And I totally forgot that the next Harry Potter comes out this summer, too!

  4. Irish MT, I LOVE your blogs! Sooo cute! And what a writer you are! Very clever! Love this one about Star Trek, because I'm a Trekkie myself, as well as an MT and CE provider in San Antonio. Saw the movie the 2nd day! Loved it! Can't wait for more! Still need to see Wolverine, T4, and Transformers, too, but also Angels and Demons, and Harry Potter, too. Love scifi! Take care.

  5. Janora - thanks for stopping by and saying nice things! It's great to hear of other MTs with exactly the same taste in films as me - brings a smile to my face. Are we all sci-fi junkies at heart?