Monday, 25 May 2009

Just wondering......

What do you think?
On the one "hand" Wolverine does have his pluses - nearly too many to mention, BUT if he gets a bit annoyed at anything then the client's TrPs would have a little too much done to them (they'd be seared by W's claws) SO the client had better not break wind - which isn't really a relaxing situation to be in.
Terminator dude's hands would be pretty darn strong. Of course he'd need something covering them and a heightened level of tactile sensitivity - plus he'd need to be reprogrammed to terminate just the trigger points and not the whole human.

I dunno - it's a tough one.

(FYI: The new Terminator movie is brilliant.)
Gaelic lesson #49 "crag", pronoucned "crawg", meaning "claw"

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  1. I dunno, either. Terminator could be programmed correctly, but I always think that a human (mutant?) touch is better than a machine. Then again, Wolverine has those nasty claws...It's a tough call, for sure!