Friday, 13 November 2009

To Wait for Walk-ins or Not To Wait for Walk-ins

THAT is the question.
Well, yesterday was interesting. I had 3 people reschedule, so in the afternoon I was headed out when I ran into the manager of the place I'm in. She was telling me that sometimes she has walk-ins requesting massage and there's no one to work on them. So I explained that I lived within a 3 minute drive and asked her to always try me on the phone if there is a walk-in and I'm not here.

After I left I literally got a call from her within 5 minutes. Someone wanted a massage. I did a U-ey and went back. It was a 45 minute massage and I gave the dude $10 off because it was his first massage with me (my usual policy).
He gave me a $65 TIP. Nice!

So walk-ins are a good thing.

I think one of the things that may have increased the number of people asking is that they recently put a large "MASSAGE" sign on one of the windows at the entrance to the building. (I plan on taking a photo of this sometime and putting it on the blog).

Right now I'm now working on my laptop in my room and I'm going to do this more - just letting the manager know that I'm available if anyone is around.

Since I worked out of my home for so long the concept of "walk-ins" just didn't ring with me, but I've got to change my attitude, especially on days where I have a lot of people reschedule or if I'm just slow.
Change is good, right?
I'm just glad they have a wireless internet connection here!


  1. Interesting post about massage therapy walk-ins. I wonder how often walk-ins occur in your area?

  2. I think many therapist probably struggle with this question. Good post.

  3. Thanks for this post. I wonder how many massage therapist regularly benefit from walk-ins?