Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rollercoaster day...

I'd an early start again - first client at 8 am. I did 6 massages today and it went good. I was GRATEFUL today though since a lot of the people in their businesses around me aren't busy these days. There is a lot of talk about how business has slowed down for most. After doing 6 massages I was tired.

So I came home and we got dinner in and I vegged in front of the T.V. I watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and was transformed into an angry mass on the couch.
I like that show but they brought up the "happy ending" crap in this episode. There's a "masseuse" that is know...and of course there's a big joke made of the whole thing.

It amazes me how much this "Joke" is brought up on HBO. It's not only with CYE (they've joked about the same issue before - this wasn't the first time), but I've seen it on "Entourage" too.

It really puts me in a foul mood.
What can we do about it though?


  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing, unfortunately.


  2. I should stop watching T.V. so much - suppose that might help!