Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Proof that I am not a morning person

I'd an early start this morning.
I have a little workflow pattern that I go through to set up before work and as part of that I put my lotion bottle in the towel warmer just to warm up the lotion.

Only this morning I was out of sorts.
I put a bottle of water in the towel warmer.
I caught on when I saw my bottle of lotion and checked to see what I'd actually put in the towel warmer.
If things had gone on in this mode, I would have given the first client a bottle of lotion to drink after the massage and I would have been massaging with warm water.

Then again, I supposed it would be OK to massage with water if the client happens to be possessed - holy water in that case.
Possessed clients aren't fun to work on though. I think it's the way their head turns 360 degrees that's just distracting and the fact that you've to use twice as much Oxy Clean on the sheets since they spew so much green pea soup.
They could do with a face toning massage though!


  1. Wouldnt the rotting flesh on their face be Contra-indicated though?

    I hope the day improves for you sweetie.

  2. Good point, Wee Sally. Although seeing the tissue would be cool - kind of like a cadavar study with a twist.

  3. I think humorous mistakes made by athletes are often referred to as bloopers as well, particularly in baseball