Thursday, 16 April 2009

A home-made spa product and a product review combined

A few weeks ago I got a salt glow on a cruise ship. It was lovely. Expensive.....but lovely nevertheless. I happened to ask at the time about the product they were using and I was told it was a lime and ginger salt glow mixture. If you look back at previous posts you'll find a link to a long and tiresome description of my experience of the whole thing (which might put you to sleep - I AM in the business of relaxation, after all). Anyhoooo....when I asked how much the product was to BUY, I nearly had heart failure when I heard the price of a wee glass jar of the stuff, so I stopped myself.

I decided I was going to try and make my own.

So I used:

- REAL limes (yep, REAL - used their juice)
- REAL Ginger (REAL - juiced some of it in my juicer)
- Sea salt - fine grained
- Some Himalayan Bath Salts
- Pure Jojoba Oil
- few drops of essential oils

Why Jojoba oil? Well, I kind of like it. I read an ad in a magazine a while back where they were giving out free samples of it, so I tried it since it's pure - no chemicals and here's the great thing - IT DOESN'T MAKE SHEETS STINK. In the past I've been reluctant to do salt glows since I've found it doesn't matter how fast you get those sheets in the washer or what detergent you use, if there's oil on them, they'll stink. When I got the free sample I tested the theory and put some on a pillow cover, left it for a few days and then had a good old sniff at it - no smell! Great!

The mixture turned out fabulous. I had some of the mixture left over, so I put some in a little glass bottle with the flip top that I got from Michaels (for a buck) and gave it to the client afterward (I was sure to tell her to be careful if using it in the shower since it could turn her tub into a slippery widower-maker) and she loved it. Her skin felt FABULOUS - softer than a baby's butt.

I've also used the Jojoba oil for hot stone massage and it works well for that also - good "slide factor". No preservatives also mean that there's no weird chemicals getting into my system through my skin too, which is a nice thought. So I'm sold. I was quite pleased the little experiment turned out well. Now what will the next one be.........hmmmmmm........wonder if I could turn my vacuum cleaner into a lipo machine?

Gaelic lesson #32 "craiceann min", pronounced "crack-on minn", meaning "soft skin"

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  1. If you are worried about chemicals sinking into your blood stream, you should try Aveda products. They are all totally natural. Just a thought. =)