Friday, 9 October 2009 this is proof that...

...I'm a total failure at reading people.
The woman that I was so paranoid about a couple of posts ago (the one that I thought she thought the massage sucked) emailed me to see if she could get in for another massage - and her daughter.
I could get her daughter in, but not her since I'm booked solid this week and she's out of town next week. The MT that's on maternity leave comes back week after next.
So this is a good thing, right?
Thing is, I think she was a bit miffed at not being able to get in. BUT I'm just back from vacation and it's always balls to the wall when I get back since everyone is looking for one this week.
Oh well.....maybe I'm just misreading her again!


  1. Clients have to react, that's all. She may have been miffed but she'll be back. Did you go back to Ireland?

  2. Upon further reading, I see that you did. Would love to see some beautiful, green pics (I'm a desert rat you know).