Thursday, 29 October 2009

Face Toning Aromatherapy Massage

The worst thing about working for myself is that I don't really have anyone to run ideas by. I can sit and have brainstorming sessions with my multiple personalities, but sometimes they refuse to surface.
I sat and thought of Christmas specials again and since I've REALLY got into aromatherapy I decided to do a Frankincense essential oil face toning massage. My aromatherapy teacher is cool since I sent her a quick email to see what she thought and she suggested adding sweet orange oil to the blend too since the two oils complement each other well - and she's right. I was SOOO glad to have someone to run an idea by over email. She's great.
Frankincense is "Christmasy" and it's also one of the best oils for the skin and it suits many skin types.
It'll be interesting to see if I sell many. Usually what happens with the face toning massage add on is that people try it once and then keep on getting it since it's so relaxing.
I sat up and updated my website last night with the new massage specials. Would you be tempted to try it?


  1. Ohh absolutey, this sounds like a great special. I wish I was closer so I could try it out :)

  2. That sounds WONDERFUL. I'd be interested, for sure. Actually, I'd take both the face toning massage AND the reflexology...I deserve to be pampered!

  3. Thanks WeeSally and Christina for the feedback! WeeSally - get on a flight and we can play with some wee bottles. Christina - I'm in agreement. You deserve it.

  4. It's sounds good, so good. Want to try it as it will able to using.