Friday, 7 August 2009

Oh well......I kinda deserve it

I'm sitting here in my wee massage room, having just been no-showed.
The reason why is totally my fault and I shouldn't beat myself up about it, but hey, when you've lost $60 through being inefficient and disorganized, that's what happens!

Part of the reason was that I didn't remind the client that I would be here instead of my old place. I had told him after his last appointment (2 weeks ago) but I bet he forgot and was knocking on my door of the house. I sent his wife a reminder email this morning, but I bet she hasn't checked her email lately (I don't have his). Secondly, I forgot to put a note on that door (just in case). Thirdly, my client records haven't all been shifted over here, so I haven't got access to his phone number here - it's in a file on my desk by my computer AT HOME. I should have all my regular email and phone numbers plugged into my new fancy smancy phone, but I haven't got 'round to doing that yet.

The other weird thing is that this client is the only client that calls my home phone and I bet he was calling it - while sitting outside my home!

Sometimes not-so-great things happen for a reason. Organizing my client's information and getting all my stuff moved needs to be a priority, as is getting all their contact info into the iPhone.

One other thing I've noticed is that being no-showed here is totally different from being no-showed at the home office. I was twiddling my thumbs for quite a while. So the fact that there is not time wasting brought into the mix will be further motivation for me to get better organized......

We'll see how it goes!

gotta go here - at least I've 2 more clients to go. Just hope they show up!


  1. Ouch! and learn, right? I'm sorry about the no-show, I'm sure the client will get back to you and reschedule.

  2. Christina - turned out he'd called my home phone to tell me he'd to reschedule!
    I think what he does is just call information and get my phone number each time!
    I'm now better organized!

  3. Well at least he rescheduled. Sometimes too much noise in our heads prevents us from thinking things out, but at least its been resolved.
    Im glad you wrote about this though, it reminds my scatter brained self I need to fiercely ensure i stay on top of things like this.