Friday, 14 August 2009

2 Questions:

Who else has pulled back the sheet and found this?

Ever had the experience of getting a "footy" smell in your nose and it stays with you all day? It doesn't matter how much lavender oil you throw around you, it's just there, and it's not leaving?
I think there's been an invisible sock under my nose all day - with wings and a mission to annoy the crap outa me.

I'm off to use a neti pot......


  1. Well, I've never seen feet THAT bad, but I've come close a time or two. And bad smelling feet? Oh, yes. Ugh.

  2. OMG, I quess I can hold my breath a long time; and if it's really bad I'll leave their socks on and massage through them.

  3. Sounds like some of my "clients" I guess all jobs have there ungodly smells.....

  4. Nylon tights seems to be the worst culprit - thank goodness they've gone out of fashion!

    Ghostrider - I think your job would involve more weird smells! thanks for doing it!