Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Your Head "Post" Massage

OK, so maybe most clients don't look quite as bad as the Phil fella, but you have to admit, some do look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards. I know I do. In fact, the more "dragged through the hedge" looking, the better the massage.

SOOOO when I had a "think" about this problem I decided to get some combs with my business name printed on them and put up a wee sign in my room with some pics of people having a particularly bad hair day with "Got Massage Hair? Have a Comb With My Compliments" on it. I keep having to fill up the comb box - it seems to work well with my clients and I know they like getting free stuff. Giving them some goodies with the business name on it is good in my book.

Taking this FURTHER, I decided to make up a wee box of combs for my hairstylist. Instead of me having a funny sign with bad hair, I made up a sensible one with my logo. I attached a business card holder to the display thingy with referral cards that are specific for my hairstylist ("Terri's clients get $10 off their first massage") and on the back of the card I had a map showing people how to get to my place. Combs and hairstylists go together, right?

At the time I thought this was marketing genius. I actually thought my hair was going to be singed from the brilliant big idea bulb going off above it.

That was 4 weeks ago. I still haven't had 1 referral from it. That's what I get for thinking it was marketing genius!

Oh well.......gotta keep on trying!

Gaelic lesson #62 "gruaig", pronounced "grewig", meaning "hair"


  1. as a fellow LMT it sounds like a good idea to me! very clever.

  2. I think this was an awesome Idea, I hope that it starts showing you some returns soon.
    You did a great job thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing.
    This is something that would certainly have made me chuckle, and talk about later with other people, as well as bring me back to you for another massage.

  3. Why thank you both!
    Actually yesterday I found out why I'm not getting anyone from the hairstylist - I called in on her personally and she's taken the wee display away - I didn't ask her about it.
    I'll probably find out why at my next hair appointment. We'll see.....