Friday, 24 July 2009

Braveheartical thoughts...... back to my movie-soundtracks-played-during-massage-even-though-I'm-starting-to-come-to-the-conclusion-I-shouldn't.

Yes, I'm still playing that playlist.

One track on my massage compilation playlist is called "For the Love of a Princess". You can hear a wee snippet with the little doo-dah at the side of the page - along with other tracks that I've referred to in previous posts. (Plus if you hit the "massage music" label below you'll see those other incredibly boring posts) . It has a bit of a Celtic-y feel to it, which one of the reasons I like it, plus it's nice and slow.

So you might think "What's better than the thought of long haired men in skirts who go a little overboard with blue eyeshadow?" Yes, that thought may come into the client's mind, but there may another:

What's more relaxing than the thought of some guy getting tortured by having his gut ripped open and his intestines pulled out of him like a string of sausages?

Not all that relaxing an image, is it?

Mind you, I think if it was possible to temporarily pull out the client's intestines it would be mighty handy for iliopsoas work!

Gaelic lesson #64 "aghaidhe gorm", pronounced "agee gurm", meaning "blue face"


  1. The Braveheart sound track is very nice for a session; who'd have thunk. Duduk of the North is my favorite. I have a lot of Celtic music as well; perhaps the Welsh woman in me (I'm actually a mut) and the wee bit of Irish.

    Take care,

  2. things don't get more beautiful than this...