Sunday, 19 July 2009

It's official...Massage Therapists have the Best Job on the Planet

OK, so guess what the above picture is.
Here's a clue:
Today I spent the day in an aromatherapy class and this was one of the pictures that was shown to us during the class.
Cool, isn't it? I bet someone will get it.

It was a GREAT class. The teacher , Katharine Koeppen, is a registered aromatherapist and it was obvious that she really knows her stuff. I wanted to do a Vulcan mind meld with her (I can't write too many posts without putting a Star Trek reference in here somewhere) so that I could get just a smidgen of the knowledge she knows about the subject. I've come away with a ton of new info, some new oils and a want to learn more - not only for my own clients, but for my own use too. The students in the class were cool too. It was interesting in that there were two people in the class that are not massage therapists - yet another sign that it is becoming more popular.

The fact that we get to use oils in our work just reminds me that we have the best job on the planet. Why? Because it's just COOL!

I'm off to slather some customized oil that I made for myself on the soles of my feet so that I will dream of Brad mistaking me for Angelina (well, there wasn't actually an oil for that......but there's always hope!).

Gaelic lesson #63 "briongloid", pronounced "bringloyd", meaning "dream"

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