Monday, 16 February 2009

The most used word by a massage therapist...

....surely must be "scoot".

"OK now, if you'll just turn over and scoot down the table a wee bit"
"Just scoot down a bit more...that's it, just to get your head off the face cradle"

Going off subject here....
If anyone ever reads this blog I'd like them to get a bit of education on something that will be REALLY useful to them in life. What is more useful than Gaelic? From now on with every post I will add a line of Gaelic, the pronunciation and the translation.

The benefit? When a telemarketer calls and you just can't be bothered, start talking Gaelic to them and they'll soon hang up. Brilliant!

Gaelic lesson #1: "Dia duit" pronounced "Djeeah ditch", meaning "God be with you" or "Hello"