Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year "Stuff"

It's funny the things I learn from my clients.

I worked on New Years Day and I was the only one working in the location I work in. I was busy - five and a half hours of massage and I worked 'til 8 that night. I thought I may as well work rather than sitting around the house watching T.V., plus I need the money.

One of my regular clients and I were talking about new year resolutions and I said that I had the same one that I did last year that I never stuck to - to reduce the girthiness of my stomach, work out, stop eating rubbish etc.
She told me that she heard good advice on on the radio which was:
"Don't carry anything into 2010 that prevented you from growing in 2009"

I like that. It made me think. It even made me think about the reasons WHY I didn't stick to going to the gym. Also, I have plans that sometimes don't work out because I get bored with stuff easily. Hmmmmmm..............that whole self analysis thing is sometimes good.

I also think I'm going to keep a wee book of "Things I've learned from clients". But then, will I procrastinate with that too?

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